With Gravity Force v0.6 Highscores were added to the game. And with v0.6b came the possibility to publish your score here on this site. When you reach a good score, GF will give you a code. Put this code, together with your name into the appropriate fields below. Once you did this and pressed "Update!" you will be shown an updated highscore table.


View Highcores

 Choose the level which hiscore you want to see and press "View!"


Add Highscore

Just fill out the form below to add your hiscore to the list. Note:

  • you must give the same name here as you did in Gravity Force!

  • the eMail field is optional
  • type the score string exactly as it was shown in GF. If you made a mistake, you'll be shown an error message (it will also complain when you use the wrong name!).

Please not: There's only one entry per person possible in each highscore table. Only the best score of one is listed (and not all).

The reason: If someone plays very good he can easily "throw out" all the other players. Weaker players won't have a chance to see their names in the highscore. Hey, that's only fair :-)

Your name (used in GF):

Your eMail address (optional):

Your score code:


Download Highscores

You can download the highscores from this page and include them in your game. Just copy the file "hiscore.dat" to the /DAT-folder of the directory in which you installed GF.

Note: You must have version 1.0 or above of GF to use this highscores.





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