Aktuelle Version

When you update, delete all your old files and unzip the archive preserving pathnames (pkunzip -d gf.zip).

The DOS version runs without any major problems under W95, W98 and WinME.

Gravity Force v1.02 DOS complete archive



Windows version

If you've no problems with the DOS version, then please use it! The Windows version has many disadvantages and it may not run on your system at all...

This is only the EXE, you also need to download the complete archive (see above).

Gravity Force v1.02 Windows EXE




Well, here's the source code for your "pleasure". Please don't be too excited about this, because you won't be when you see it. There're very few comments (and some of them in German) and it's very chaotic. GF was my first big project, so I included more and more features without any plan. Sometimes even I have problems understanding my source. So you don't need to tell me that the code is like hell. I know that :-)

To compile it, you need:

  • DJGPP (DOS) or Visual C (Win) or Linux

  • Allegro 3.9.32 WIP
  • JGMod
  • AllegTTF (only if you want to use tha antialiased fonts)

I won't give much 'support' for this source distribution. Just take it as it is. Look at the source.txt in the archive for more information. Please unzip this archive into the GF directory.

BTW: It's possible to build a linux version out of this source. If you try and want to contribute a binary, please mail me.

Gravity Force v1.01 source archive



"Language pack"

Version 1.02 of GF includes three languages: English, German and Slovak. It'd be great if there were some more to choose from.

So, if you're willing to translate Gravity Force to your language, then this ist the right package to load. Instructions are included in the archive.

If you start translating, then please send me a mail so that I can update this text. I don't need more than one version of one and the same language :)

Gravity Force v1.02 language pack





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